Wednesday, 15 December 2010

A missive to the Baron

To Eddard, Baron Brocas of Torh, from Trocero, Captain-Seneschal of the Keep in the Wallow, greetings.

My Lord, I write in haste, returned from a skirmish. Mistday last, a runner arrived from the fisherfolk who warned us of "dire heathen monsters" approaching from the north. I took a patol of men out on the next day, being Foxday and as it was all too possible that this was a ruse to have us engage a snark, took a number of longbowmen, in the heavy savoyard armour recently arrived. We reached the Old North Bastion just to find a band of skeletons some yards from marching out onto the sward. I sent half the men to line the rubble, while taking the rest along the right hand wall to arrive on the flank of the undead. The armour slowed us down but the men held their line until we, having had to fight a goodly number on the flank, fell upon them and broke their line. The undead were either hacked down or crumbled as if some dweomer had been shattered. No sign was found of a leader of any form. None of our men were hurt, though some had been cornered by two or more skeletons. My compliments to the Armourer. We scouted around and found some 30 gold quadroons of dubious vintage which are added to the warchest, as ever, taxation of the fisherfolk seems nigh pointless and cruel. We then crossed some snark tracks but returned to the Keep much to the cheer of the villagers as we past through their hovels. Stopping to rest in an unusually cheery glade, I found a curious stone, possibly a charmstone, I believe.

The weather here remains dank and cold, with a heavy frost and some ice in the channels. Were we not so far from their fastnesses, I'd look to see frost giants or winter kobolds lurking hereabouts in the coming weeks as winter settles in. I will shortly sent a patrol of horse to ensure the road is open to the Rampant Griffin and to enquire of rumours from mine host Billings.

As to supplies we are well found, though as ever more arrows and men of veteran service are much needed; further, if undead are to be an occurence here, a man of priestly order (a Brother Militant mayhap) would be invaluable.

This is being sent by fast rider this day,

Trocero, Capt

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  1. This small game (6 men, 8 skeletons) was fought on a 11" pizza base, littered with ruined walls. I used Song of Blades & Heroes - I'm using Song Of Deeds & Glory for campaign rules.