Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The Wallow in Winter

Foxday before last, the garrison awoke to find ice in the moat and snow falling; the fisherfolk were seen to be scurrying about covering their fishing rafts and gathering firewood. As yet, no word from the troopers sent to the Rampant Griffin and I have to fear for them and the Tavern. Over the day the snow fell harder and had to call in the outlying sentries; a freezing fog then rolled in overnight
The sentries suffered in the night and extra braziers were lit. Conditions worsened until Mouseday when the snow ceased; we found fisherfolk out on the ice, catching eels through holes in the ice - they said the cold slows down the snarks and they are blessing the aardvarks for the early winter.

With cleared nights, it has still been cold; there have been reports of lights on the far bank of the Korm Basin - the site of deserted ruins. Then, on Fireday morn we found a sentry dead on the battlement, as if killed by an arrow in his throat - the wound was there but no arrow could be seen. Sentries have been doubled, much to the men's complaints and a patrol will go out on Soulsday if the weather holds.

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