Saturday, 17 August 2013

In which divers monsters are slain

Following the brief foray underground, Ael the Ready receives a handful of the usual scum and villains fresh from the condemned cells and is told to hie himself and his men into the woods to hunt win the evil beasts that are terrorising the goats and eating people.....

And lo, as the Broken Men blunder through the thickets.....

                        Ambushed, by Gygax! By the Seven Hells! Bugbears!

The Bugbears rush forwards and a bloody melee breaks out, all finesse gone.

The Bugbear chief is the last to go, taking several hits in one turn, 

So, of 8 men and a leader, 3 men were killed and couple more were lucky.

Again a brief scrap to test my theory that OD&D / Holmes will work at 1HD / level equates to 1 wound and  1 hit inflicts a wound. It means kobolds are as easily killed as say Hobgoblins but you can allow a hobgoblin to have one final attack and the be considered as killed. That's what I did with the Bugbears here, not that it helped them much.....

So, yes OD&D / Holmes looks like a good large scale skirmish rule set. No surprise really but I wanted to proof test it.....



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