Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Forgotten Dungeon of Doom

Ael the Ready and his band of Broken Men were sleeping off a hard night on the local cider when a Messenger at Arms found them and gave them sheriff's orders to "proceed to the village of Netherend and put an end to divers heathen monsters believed to be molesting the populace". 

A swift march later found the Broken Men at the Rampant Griffin inn, sleeping off another night on the cider and blearily preparing for combat. Following a trail of trampled undergrowth, vegetable plots and pieces of discarded goat (and perhaps....villager?) they reach an old tree stump with a deep hole beneath it. Uncertain noises came from the inky darkness......

Clambering down via a rope, they find themselves in a dimly lit....DUNGEON!

The dungeon in all its gloominess, the Broken Men to the left and a pack of kobolds dead ahead....

The scout lurked ahead, right into a pack of kobolds, a savage fight followed in which the scout was cut down before his fellows could support him. The broken men charged in, hacking the kobolds but not without injury....the kobolds fled.....

And a small band of foam flecked berserkers appeared around the corner....the fight is grim and another broken man is killed and another wounded before the berserkers are defeated. 

The kobolds flee but seem to activate some undead in the far distance...Jorphil of the Blue Cloak spots a staircase down the corridor, but with losses mounting, Ael the Ready decides to call it a day any leads his men out of the depths....

This was a fast little adventure fought out using Holmes basic D&D rules.
The Broken Men were level 0, AC5 htk 8, armed with a variety of swords, axes and a couple of crossbows; Ael was level 2, 14 htk, AC5. Treasure taken was minimal and 100 expts awarded overall!
The Broken Men are not rangers as such, more like the Nightswatch in GOT. I dont intend to detail each of the Broken Men, apart from Ael the Ready, treating them instead as a gaggle of henchmen, a sort of 6 headed NPC. They will however gradually increase in experience.



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